Year 5 Handball Tournament

By Sam, Scarlett and Luca
On Tuesday the 2nd of May 2017 schools competed in a handball tournament at Ossett Academy. The schools were: Holy Trinity, South Parade, Towngate, Gawthorpe, Flushdyke and Southdale. When we arrived at Ossett Academy the instructor told us the rules just in case people didn’t now them. After that we got started . . . The first match was Gawthorpe vs Towngate the score was 5-3 to Towngate. while we were playing on pitch 1 Flushdyke and Holy Trinity were playing on pitch two. Match 2, Gawthorpe vs Southdale and South Parade vs Holy Trinity the winners were South Parade. Match 3 was Towngate vs Southdale .Towngate won. On pitch 2 it was South Parade vs Flushdyke. The winners were South parade .Match 4 was Gawthorpe vs Holy Trinity and on pitch 2 we had Towngate vs Flushdyke. Towngate won. Match 5 was Southdale vs Holy Trinity and on pitch 2,it was Gawthorpe vs South Parade. South Parade won. Match 6 was Gawthorpe vs Flushdyke. Gawthorpe won and on pitch 2 it was Southdale vs Flushdyke. Flushdyke won. Match 7 was Towngate vs South Parade and on pitch 2 we had Southdale vs Flushdyke. Unfortunately Towngate lost. Match 8 was Towngate vs Holy Trinity but unfortunately Towngate lost by quite a big score. After that the instructor told us the places in the leader board. The leader board went 1st was Holy Trinity, 2nd was South Parade 3rd Towngate, 4th was Gawthorpe, 6th was Southdale. These were the matches to the Grand Final 1st vs 4th place 2nd vs 3rd place. which meant Holy Trinity vs Gawthorpe and South Parade vs Towngate. The teams that proceeded to the final was Holy Trinity and South parade. The winners were holy Trinity. Join us in congratulating the Towngate team of : Sam, Scarlett, Luca, Lilly s, Luke, Antoinette, Charlie I-J and Kody.